Evil Feeds


Rated PG13

Time is but a measure for humans, existence nothing more than madness. I wreak havoc on every generation. All of time has battled the forces of evil. All of time proves my point. The folly of good judgment ends the same, in the soil, dust to dust, yet evil lives, evil laughs never resting. Thousand years in a blink of an eye!

What is, fight the good fight?

Nothing more than yet another grave adorned, so and so fought the good fight. 

Blah, blah, blah. 

Flesh dies! Evil does not!

The sooner one can understand flesh is nothing more than rations for maggots and worms the sooner we can get down to business.

How can one sell their soul? 

What makes you think your soul is worth spit!

Play your games, pretend what you do matters, at the falling of light, when darkness exhausts breathe of life.

I will stare you in the eye and laugh. 

Shall we play!

Technology, social media does my bidding with today’s human idiotic existence. Huh. 

Self-photography, your foolish selfie obsessions while the thumb types away on a smart phone. The body of Venus, soft pale skin and the diluted mind of a child, perfect my favorite!

“Where U @?”

“OMG parents’ r so slow they just left, on my way.”

“Did U find ur grandma’s box? LOL”

“Yup, see ya in 20 :)”

Dropped the phone and picked up a pair of torn blue jeans, bent over back to the door unaware her mom’s boyfriend gazed upon her in desire. She tugged upward the last few inches, tight, inhaled and buttoned. She turned, startled.

“What the hell. Shouldn't you be with my mom?”

“Very adorable, batman, it looks good on you. I shall see what your dear mother is doing.” 

He grinned, a smirk, she closed the door moved to the mirror checked her makeup and hair. Two years removed from divorce he was the first man in the house. Half her mother’s age, no surprise, for the craving of flesh overwhelms common sense. Mother’s bedroom door latched shut. Noise at the front door, the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it.”

Darted down the stairs, slipped at the bottom caught herself with the railing. The door opened.


“Hi Lisa.”

The two hugged and kissed each other’s cheeks.

“Come on in, mom and her boyfriend is still here, you want a mountain dew?”

“No beer?”

“Not till they leave, duh.”

“I know girl.”

They entered the kitchen Gina put her backpack on the counter, unzipped it and pulled out a rustic wood box.

“Wow it is old, huh Gina? Put it back though, mom will kill me if she knows our plans.”

Lisa put a bag of popcorn in the microwave and grabbed two mountain dews. Fully stretched on her toes she reached for two glasses in the cabinet next to the fridge.

“Damn Lisa, I have to get me a pair of those jeans, you melt butter girl.” Gina smacked her ass, they both laughed.

Startled once again, the boyfriend stood in the doorway hands on the frame leaning forward. “Don’t stop on my account girls.” A wink followed with the un-nerving smirk. “Seriously.” 

“You creep me out, Gary. What can I do for you and do not say the first thing that comes to your mind. You’re dating my mom; I don’t think she would appreciate your attempts to get in my pants.”

“Most likely correct my dear. Your mother would like some water, so feel free to stretch those wonderful legs again and fetch me a glass.”

Gina enjoyed the attention, with teasing eyes she looked him up and down, opened her can and sucked soda off the tip of her finger. Lisa handed him the water, she noticed Gary’s approval, turned to Gina.

“What are you doing Gina? Don’t be fooled.” Turned back to him. “Here, now go.”

“As you wish.” He nodded to Gina. “Until we meet again sweetie.” Walked away with one last turn back to look at the girls.

Lisa ran her hand through her hair. “Damn he’s creepy.”

“Come on, he’s a stud, no wonder your mom keeps him around.”

“Ok, before you get all wet on me, let’s go upstairs and play some Xbox while we wait for them to leave.”

Behind the partially closed door at the top of the stairs, banging, rhythmic banging, groans and a slapping sound. The girls stopped halfway up to listen.

“Damn Lisa, your dad said your mom was a prude, doesn't sound that way to me.”

“Shhhh, come on.”

Lisa passed the room, Gina stopped to take a peek inside. She could only see a reflection in a mirror, his bare back and his head in view. In front of him, above Lisa’s mother a mirror, Gina noticed he was looking right at her with the same smirk while enjoying the festivities. Embarrassed Gina quickly retreated and quietly closed the door.  

Lisa leaned against the wall behind her. “Well did you enjoy seeing him bang my mom?”

“The dresser was in the way.”

“Oh sorry, maybe you should just undress and go in there.”

“Stop it girl, I couldn’t resist.”

“Are you done? Let’s go back downstairs, I do not wish to listen to the final act.”

The two smiled and proceeded back to the kitchen. Both froze at the bottom of the stairs. Faces went flush; each put a hand over their mouth. In the center of the front room a coffee table, on the table sat the box Gina brought. 

“What the frik Gina, I told you to leave it in the backpack.”

“I did, you were there when I zipped it up.”

“Well how the hell did it get there?”

Approached the room cautiously, side by side and close together, the two peered the room to see if there was another person present.

“Put it back, Gary must be messing with us.”

Lisa went to the kitchen to get the pack. Surprised, fear struck and a high pitch screech erupted. “Aaahhh!”

Gina darted in behind her. “What?”

In the corner stood Gary naked, he grinned and walked out. 

Gina put both hands on Lisa’s shoulders. “How can he be down here girl? How the hell could he be down here, we were on the stairs.”

Lisa put the box away and zipped the pack. Behind them, the door opened, in unison they spun around anxious and scared to see what was next. It was Gary and her mom fully clothed and leaving.

“You girls stay in tonight. Have fun but stay in, ok? We are going to the casino and will most likely stay all night. Good night girls.”


Gary nodded and blew a kiss at them.

The door clicked shut. Lisa hustled to the door to lock the deadbolt. Leaned her back to the door, Gina picked up the backpack and joined her in the room. 

“What the hell was all that, I’m not drunk didn’t drink a damn thing today. All that just happened, right? Right?”

“I really don’t know how the hell it could happen. Maybe what’s in the box can give answers.”

The relic’s contents soon to be unveiled traveled the oceans in a time of great and deadly adventure. Once belonging to descendants of Salem, the box survived generations of a bloodline Gina possessed. The latch needed a forceful jiggle gentle enough not to damage the contents, vigorous enough to release the lids grip. The lid popped, Gina unfolded a charred aged board, a pentagram on the back, Ouija board on the front. She set a planchette next to it, the item used to communicate.

Both girls knelt at the coffee table. “Gina, you know what you’re doing right?”

“How many times girl, how many times have I told you my grandma taught me everything. Give me your hands, I’ll start the questions. We already know something is here, put your hands on this the same way I am. First question, we know you are here spirit, what is your name?”

Instantly a reaction, first letter P, second A, Lisa shook, the planchette moved back and forth then the letter I. Gina took her hands off and cracked her knuckles. 

“Pai, we need to try again, clear your mind girl.”

The spirit had different thoughts. The planchette rose off the table on its own held steady four feet above them, the girls slid back. Forcefully the wood and glass object slammed the board, landed on the P, directly to A then I and stopped on N. PAIN.

In a fearful squeaky voice, Lisa asked. “Your name is Pain?”

The reader came to a stop on YES. The board swept off the surface by a force unseen. The table itself creaked, cracked and flattened, legs shattered. The girls screamed at the top of their lungs unable to move stricken in terror.

Something stood before them faint but visible one hand to each girl the entity grabbed the hair and lifted them. Their feet dragged, tear covered faces the enemy known as Pain pulled them to the stairs.

At the top on the landing, a silhouette of another stood arms crossed and the laugh unmistakable. 

Lisa cried. “Please Gary, please help us.”

Satanic laughter burst like a canon and shook the walls. 

“Shut your mouth mortal! Pain is about to create. Please join us ladies.”

Dragged up the stairs they screamed. Through the door, her mother’s body ripped to pieces. Her head on a blood soaked pillow. From that moment screaming, pain, misery, and agony shrieked throughout the house for hours. Pleading for mercy only amplified the ruthless torment. 

Sounds of gushing blood ended the screams, then silence.

Ahhh hahahahahahahahah! Who is next?

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