Evil Cares Not


- Rated MA - Mature Language and Violence -

"I’m sick of the bullshit stories. There are no demons in this house! Not once have I seen a damn thing, I need to get to work!”

The door slammed shut.

She sat in the corner crying, arms tightly crushing her legs against her body, rocking side to side.

A broken voice yelled back. “Of course you see nothing, you’re drunk. You are drunk all the time!”

His boots stopped in the hallway. Turned towards the door, two steps and kicked the door. Threshold split at the handle, mirror hung on the back shattered, the pieces struck, cut her arms and legs.

“Listen bitch! Beating your ass will make my morning! One more word, just one more and I’ll remind you what real pain is like!”

“No you will not.”

“What the fuck bitch!”

The door unhinged, there was a clear view of the hallway. Anger, rage, and chaos are all weapons of the darkness. Power, a menacing rage lives in the dark. Evil waxed her boyfriend’s senses. This man, once again ready and willing to assault a defenseless woman, he saw not his demise towering behind him.

Right handed, closed fist, he leaned in and smashed her face. Back of her head hit the wall. Grabbed the hair and slid her to the doorway. 

“We are finishing this in the kitchen bitch, let’s cut your sorry ass!”

Evil revealed the image, for the first time his eyes viewed what she saw.

He froze, she looked up. The dark wicked form stretched its arms above the head and drove a wedge shaped sledgehammer into the top of his head.

Skull split, penetration deep enough the neck and bottom jaw held the handle in place.

The body slumped over her, trapped and covered in blood she cried. Heavy knocks on the front door, she could do nothing he was too big to move.

“Chicago PD, open this door!”


Outside, two officers, one held a battering ram. The officer to the far side yelled one more time. “Chicago PD, open the door!” He nodded, the officer with the steel ram swung back, thrust forward and destroyed the door.

The officers with guns drawn approached the bedroom doorway. One stepped over the two and searched the bedroom. The other turned at the kitchen. Additional PD entered the residence. 

“Clear, clear, all clear!”

An officer stood in front of her, she could only see his shoes. 

“Holy shit!” He heard her whimpers and took his radio. “We need a bus, now! Hold still ma’am, I will get you out.” 

The dead boyfriend slid off her back, the handle smacked the floor when the body moved. It did not loosen, stuck deep in the bastards carcass. Another officer helped her up and draped a blanket over her shoulders.

The girl could take no more, fainted in the arms of the Chicago PD.

“Lay her on the couch.” He pointed to another officer. “Get me prints off the handle.” 

Above the body, the top of the threshold had a chunk of wall and wood blown out.

“Damn, the fucker went through the wall on his downswing and still sunk it all the way to the throat. We have a large freaking bastard we need to find.” 


Evil cares not.

Brutal intense laughter reverberated.

Demonic forces shook the spirit world…


When you look in the mirror, can you see?

By David Michael Karder

Published @ Solstice Publishing

Novella - Skeleton Cave Massacre $.99

Debut Novel - From The Ashes $2.99

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