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Developing Your eBook Sales Page

Are You Applying Blog Marketing Tips to Your eBook Sales Page?


“eBook sales page?”


Exactly, this week I have been researching and working on a Social Media & Brand Building eBook. I read in-between my day job, writing, blogging, texting, tweeting, pinterest and editing so please forgive, this is a paraphrase. In that research, I came across a thought provoking question.

Twitter Hashtags #

Developing Your Brand

Blogging, Tweeting, the Social Media Blitzkrieg.

Keeping up with writing, Blogging, Tweeting and all the other daily tasks require efficiency and targeted efforts. All are well aware of the “follow” button. Some buy followers others simply post & post and slowly gather followers. (The latter is the team SlantedK is on.)



Social Media 101

Facebook & Twitter

In previous 101 topics I covered #Hashtags  & .@ 

Today it is linking your Facebook Author/Business Page to Twitter.

“Wait, Dave, I’m not a technical person.”

Then I’m glad you stopped in. My “101” is for you. When all is said and done you will smile and say, “that was easy.”

I have a day job, this blog, my book edits, and two other books in the infant stage. Marketing, branding, read articles, write articles, check on your followers blogs & tweets. Sound familiar?
Well this little shared piece of information can make two tasks one.

Social Network Debate

Commercials vs. Branding

By DMK, A SlantedK Production

A task of a blogger is to surf, read and read. Yes, that was simplified. One of the writer groups I follow had an interesting conversation this week.

The bulk of the issue was the use of social networking vs. radio & promotional companies. The opinions were showing me that many individuals are not grasping some simple details of Social Media.



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