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Patience in a Microwave, Streaming World.

A Then & Now Parenthood Presentation.
By DMK, for SlantedK

In our days of instantaneous promises, apps for everything, streaming this that & the other.
There are fewer and fewer experiences that foster patience. 

I have concern for future generations developing without the understanding of patience.

Parenthood - the Continuing Education

By DMK, A SlantedK Production

Got Twitter? Got SlantedK?

In a previous Parenthood Entry, I shared a brief discussion with my brother. 

(Paraphrase) “With my sons in their twenties I shouldn’t need to do this parenthood thing anymore.” 

Yesterday my wife and I went to Tombstone; Memorial Day Weekend is big at Tombstone, the largest crowds and constant gunfight reenactments up and down the street. Many years this trip included my boys, the four of us walked up and down one of the historical points of my favorite topic. “The Wild West.”

During the day, our conversation included ‘reflecting.’

(That is what I call it ‘now,’ ‘then’ it was all worry.)




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