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Welcome to another visit from Guest Author, Rita Emmett.

This entry was discussed and outlined the day she returned from Hawaii. Rita shared the impact of speaking and writing and the way it is truly, a “Perfect Circle.”

Overcoming Obstacles and Fear So That You CAN Write Your Book©

Obstacles and Fear

Overcoming Obstacles and Fear 

So That You CAN Write Your Book©

By Rita Emmett, Guest Author @ SlantedK

Have you wanted to write a book forever but just cannot get started? Is it possible that fear is holding you back? (Fear of failure? Fear of success? Sounds crazy but you actually might experience BOTH those fears at the same time). 

Over Thinking Marketing

BY DMK, A SlantedK Production

This past weekend I took an in town vacation. Many of the photos I posted (Twitter & FB) may have indicated that it was more than a normal weekend, so I apologize for the captain obvious moment.

Is Your Web Site Keeping Up?

Social Media, Facebook, Twitter,

Pintrest, LinkedIn... 

Is your site helping you manage all your tasks?

By DMK, A SlantedK Production

Can your visitors see all that you have going on in one place?

I have been tossing notes out on Twitter about this topic. 

I am a New Author, 

I am a New Blogger, 

I read all the tips and instructions. 

We all strive to employ all the tips out there to market our brand. 

Now I find myself limited by my site. I am looking into a site that will do these things.  




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