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Mr. Karder has graciously extended an invitation and, like all authors, it is all about marketing, so jumping at the chance was an easy decision. I was privileged to be one of the first readers of his very fine Western, From The Ashes. We've developed a mutual respect and a mutual interest in continuing publications and sales. I do have a few years in the business, and nine books in print with a tenth at the publishers now, so I'll be tempted from time to time to offer suggestions to new writers.

Don Porter

Don's latest release, All that Glisters is a great addition to his list novels. 

Click here for Don's Complete Library. 

After a childhood in the big woods outside Seattle, Don absorbed a modicum of education at a junior college in Iowa and went to Alaska to seek his fortune and pursue an engineering degree at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks.

He never finished that degree because during his senior year he became the Chief Engineer of KFAR-AM and KFAR-TV in Fairbanks, part of the Midnight Sun Network that covered the entire state.  He spent the next twenty years building stations all over Alaska—literally, from cable in Ketchikan, Point Barrow, Nome, Cordova, and Kodiak to broadcast stations in Anchorage, Juneau, Sitka—you get the idea.  Midnight Sun also blanketed the rural areas with mountaintop repeaters.

Midway through that fiasco, time and troubles forced the engineering staff to fly between sites.  The company rented the aircraft; Don flew them.  After twenty years in broadcasting, and with a commercial pilot’s license and five thousand hours in the air, he gave up electronics to become a bush pilot.

He flew charter based in Bethel on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta for the next fifteen years and picked up ratings for multi-engine, instrument, and helicopter.  If it has an airfoil and an engine, he has probably flown it.  Passengers were state troopers, mothers in labor, dead bodies, wedding parties, whatever.  On the Delta, Eskimos outnumber Gussaks about ten to one.  He was steeped in, and came to love, the Eskimo culture.

He enrolled in the Professional Career Development Institute and has a very handsome diploma from the Professional Private Investigator Program.  Also grubstaked prospectors.  He covered the expenses and supplied the transportation; they moiled in the mud looking for gold.  His fifty percent of the profits never paid the gasoline bill.

Back to electronics and two years on Oahu making warranty house calls for Sony.  A whirlwind tour of the South Pacific, island hopping and building whatever needed building, including two years on Guam resurrecting KUAM, AM, FM, and TV.

Spent the next fifteen years as Director of Maintenance for the ABC television network throughout Hawaii, living, working, and writing in Honolulu.  His wife Deborah is an artist who has calmly painted pictures and made a home wherever they’ve landed.

He now has ten books in print, available for inspection at   Stop by the website and if you would like to purchase, hit contact.  Don will sign them, mail them, he’ll pay he postage and you may mail a check after you get the books.  Sure, credit cards by phone are fine, but not on e-mail, too dangerous.

Then and Now - Competing w/CGI

Be True to Yourself.

By DMK A SlantedK Production

This weekend I watched Smokey & the Bandit 1&2. Did you know there are zero CGI effects in either of those movies?  

When they did the jump with that Black Trans Am it actually flew. When Sheriff Buford T Justice chased the Bandit through the roller coaster, they destroyed the actual ride.

Doing Nothing Works

If Nothing Is Your Goal.

By DMK, A SlantedK Production

Got Twitter? Got SlantedK?

Serious and Stupid all wrapped in one great package.

I have done an extensive study in the last few weeks concerning social media. (The application will apply to many if not all categories ie: Homework, marketing, laundry, parenting, jobs…)

My test was to see what would happen if I did nothing.


Social Network Debate

Commercials vs. Branding

By DMK, A SlantedK Production

A task of a blogger is to surf, read and read. Yes, that was simplified. One of the writer groups I follow had an interesting conversation this week.

The bulk of the issue was the use of social networking vs. radio & promotional companies. The opinions were showing me that many individuals are not grasping some simple details of Social Media.

Then and Now - Are We at a Disadvantage?

In our strength in advanced technology, have we actually become complacent?

BY DMK & SlantedK

"Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking of them."

Alfred North Whitehead

Recent weather events have exposed such; dependency on technology left many scared and lost. 

It seems inconceivable that this country, founded, fought for, expanded, and survived without any assistance of current technology. 



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