No One Told Me

The Tales of the Wild West.

An Alluring Glorification of the Mighty Gunfighter.

Truth is, the more fools terminated by my steel, the more evil destroyed, the more souls collected, the more the darkness took notice.

I stand above a boy, no more than sixteen. He grips his chest with every hope of stopping the bleeding. He begs, mumbles, "Please." He knows though, he knows these are his last breaths. His eyes full of sorrow, tears form, he sneezes and coughs blood, death turns his eyes black. For him the glory comes to an end. 

For me, another soul, another echo in the darkness. The Spirits in the wind, despair, agony, torturous laughter, no one told me.  

Solstice Publishing Presents

From the Ashes

By David Michael Karder

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Awesome Western Short Pt2

Here we go with part 2

Thanks for the great response on part one. Today I reversed the decision to break it into more parts.

"What's that, DMK?"

"Yup, the remainder of the grand tale is on this entry!"

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An Insurrection cont.

     Other than a good woman and a cigar, he did not normally get excited over much, but that day was different, Henry was the only known relative he had. So many years with no family made him thick skinned, however, excitement was percolating within.


     The last week of the month crept up and Henry was due at any time. The cigar tasted much better that day, not sure, if he wanted to sleep or just wait the day out. The sun was getting higher and it was the norm to sleep days. It was going to get hot for sure. The whiskey began taking effect, conversation with himself turned to babbling; “better go to sleep before I begin arguing with myself.” A few drinks down, adrenaline long departed, back cracked as he stretched out, “oh, this bed is comfortable.” It did not take long for the snoring to begin...

The Tattered Flag

Are we not America!

The Tattered Flag

This past two weeks, my home in the desert experienced intense wind conditions. The Red White and Blue that flies so proudly at the entrance to the property took an extreme beating. Storms come and go and this was no different. Stood at the front gate, the sun set behind me, I took pause to gaze at the tattered flag. 

Awesome Western Short

A Tale from the Life of David Murphy, aka Longhair.

Awesome Western Short

Part One of a tale told around many cattle driver campfires.

David Murphy of "From the Ashes," Coming soon from Solstice Publishing, has had many jobs and brought quick demise to fools stupid enough to point the business end of steel in his direction. 

"An Insurrection" is one of many tales.

Please Enjoy.

An Insurrection

     “Hey, Longhair, get your ass out there! The drunks are gettin’ restless!”

     He got to his feet, outside the office, a very vocal crowd, a busy night at Jake’s Saloon. A quick turn to the right and he opened the door of the office separating him from the front gambling room. Approached the threshold and received a violent greeting, a blistering wooden frame provided by a shotgun blast. Out of line of sight, a patron yelled out. “You sack of shit cheat!” ... 



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